Our Brand, Your Business

Whether you are a small family business or a multi-unit operation, are you always looking for ways to increase your top line sales and bottom-line profits?

Così has the answer you’re looking for.

Having served millions of customers, billions of dollars of Così food, our menu of fresh ingredients on our famous flatbreads is well known throughout the country.

We have a menu licensing program that we believe could lead to delivering your business higher sales and higher margins with minimal efforts:

The Così ® Menu Licensing Program: License Così® products products with the Così® brand name and recipes to fulfill orders in your community on platforms such as DoorDash, UberEats, and EZCater.      



1.       Bring Così® licensed products to your menu.

We make the process simple for you. You will have access to the Così menu options, including Così® branded bags and boxes, proprietary products, and a multitude of 3rd party platforms to help build your sales. 

2.       Work with Così® to get started! You control your business. 

Così will assist you in establishing the optimal menu of Cosi® licensed products for your location based on the size and abilities of your operation. With a vast selection of items, we can help you to customize your Così® offerings to be easily executable, attractive to both your existing and new guest base.   Cosi will provide you with training materials and recipes for the Cosi® licensed products, and you will have full control over your business operations. 

3.       Set Up Your Platforms and Go Live.

Gain access to all our available 3rd party platforms, go live, and start building sales and adding to your guest base. Our 3rd party integration has been designed to streamline the entire ordering process through the Cosi® system directly to your location. This allows you to focus solely on menu execution.

4.       Simple and Easy.

You will use Così® branded bags and boxes and the Cosi® trademark for the the Cosi® licensed products you are selling.  After initial training, there are no fees for you except on the sales of Cosi® licensed products. We will assist you initially in choosing the Cosi® licensed products most suitable to your operations, provide you with training materials and recipes, and allow you to use our 3rd party platforms.  It's your operations and systems used in your business. You continue to offer your standard menu offerings, and the Cosi® licensed products are additions to help drive additional top and bottom line sales.