The Così® Menu Licensing Program


“Our Brand, Your Business”
Whether you are a small family business or a multi-unit operation, are you always looking for way to increase your top line sales and bottom-line profits? Così has the answer you’re looking for. Having served millions of customers, billions of dollars of Così® food, our menu of fresh ingredients on our famous flatbreads is well known throughout the country. We have branded products and menus that could lead to delivering your business higher sales and higher margins with minimal efforts.    
Examples of Così Menus:


“Your Kitchen, Your Team”

With Così’s extensive menu offerings, you can now serve Così® branded products in your kitchen through the Così® Menu Licensing Program and take advantage of the endless possibilities that 3rd party delivery services such as DoorDash and UberEats can offer. Così’s delivery menus and options allow you to customize the menu size to suit your business’s needs and capabilities to generate additional revenue and grow your existing guest base. 

“Limited Cost, No Worries”

With the Così® Menu Licensing Program, you will not need to provide any material up-front costs. Così will work with you to create a menu suitable for your current equipment, provide training materials and recipes, and provide POS equipment to execute your incoming Così orders