Così® Flatbread Licensing

Così® flatbread is a wonderful, highly recognized menu item that's been enjoyed for decades by millions of customers throughout the United States and the World. 

By featuring Così® flatbread on your menu, you are ultimately telling your customers that you are serving amazing bread from one of the most recognized brands over the last twenty years. We know from Così flatbread's tremendous customer feedback and enjoyment over many years, that purchasing and prominently featuring Così® flatbread will help to enhance your food service offerings. 

Working with Così to use our delicious flatbread in your establishment has never been easier. Così will grant to a Licensee a license to use and offer for sale as Così® products such as, “Proudly serving pizza on Così® Original Flatbread” or “Proudly serving Così® Original Flatbread”, and you can start receiving your Così® flatbread ready to be baked in your restaurant straight from your current supplier such as US Foodservice or Sysco.